The office lottery pool.

Today is my third day at QSAC. First order of the day was to read the several emails regarding the largest jackpot of the Powerball in history: 500 million dollars. ($500,000,000). The office, as most offices around the country are doing today, was running a lottery pool. Everybody was joining. 

Personally, I was not interested. The chances of winning the lottery are 1 a millions, but, after the 4th coworker asked me if I had join the pool, I pull out a dollar and pass it to the guy who was running the pool.

It got me thinking. In the super rare situation that the office pool does win the lottery, what would happen? Everybody would have enough money to quit his or her job. Would everybody quit? Would some people stay put, just to no disrupt their routine, or they would stay because they feel loyal to the cause? What about the boss? Would he close shop or re-staff the office?

We all say we want to win the lottery, but nobody wants to admit that the chances of wining are close to none. 

A wise man (my dad) told me once. “When you buy a lottery ticket, you don’t buy the winnings; you buy a hope.” Now and then I do buy a lottery ticket just to allow myself to day dream about what would I do with the winnings. 

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